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Lagoon Living for Kite Lovers

First time in Zanzibar individual beach apartments for sale - Anybody can buy

Breathtaking, never-ending beaches. Crystal clear, turquoise water. Kite surfers flying over sparkling waves. Colorful, picture-perfect sunsets and a refreshing, salty ocean breeze.

And, not to forget, the smooth, velvety white sand between your toes. All that probably comes to mind when the word Paje is being mentioned to fans of Zanzibar. The former fishing village on the east coast has become sort of an in-spot when it comes to kite surfing and holidays for a younger crowd. It is here that the first private beach flats in Zanzibar are for sale.

In January 2019, developer CPS proudly presented a new project, creating a sustainable, green and modern-comfort living space in unison with nature. The project called “The Soul” had a spectacular opening, introducing a first show apartment and the lush, green plot of land where construction is set to start in July 2019.

Only four hundred meters away from the beach, in the heart of kite surfing heaven, residents will be embedded in a lush tropical landscape surrounding a beach-like lagoon.

The new residential resort is the first private development in Zanzibar based on the Condominium Act (see page 2 of this issue) allowing foreigners for the first time to own private property with full investment protection by the government of Zanzibar.

Modern architecture, the use of high-quality durable materials, all based on a state-of-the-art infrastructure, and permaculture principles, make the holiday homes a first in Zanzibar. Developers forecast a quick return on investment. The tourism sector has lately been growing by 15 per cent annually creating a large demand for additional rooms every year.

Future owners of The Soul property are assisted in long and short-term Airbnb-like rental schemes, the developers say. Apartments come as 1-3 bedroom apartments and duplexes either with a tropical garden or terrace. 

Prices start from 40.900 US dollars to 72.000 US dollars. The village of Paje, where the new residence resort is located, is reachable within one hour from the airport of Zanzibar which daily serves many European and other international destinations as well as the famous national parks of Tanzania such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro and the highest peak of Africa, the Kilimanjaro.

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